Heroes Key Quotations

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  • Heroes - Key Quotations
    • 'My name is Francis Joseph Cassavant'
      • Introduces narrator in first person
    • 'the war is over and I have no face'
      • Surprising statement creates mystery
    • Description of Francis' injuries from war
      • Creates sympathy in the reader
      • Makes the reader want to know why he looks this way
      • 'to hide the ugliness of what used to be my face'
        • Creates mystery
        • Why is he trying to hide it?
        • Francis believes he is ugly
          • 'my face like a gargoyle'
      • 'bits of dangling flesh'
      • 'no face'
    • 'i thought of the gun hidden away in my duffel bag and knew that my mission was about to begin'
      • Why does Francis have a gun?
      • What is his mission?
      • Creates mystery and suspense
    • Francis briefly mentions his dead family
      • One of few times they are mentioned
      • Why doesnt he talk about them more often?
        • Wants to forget the past
    • 'you're a big hero'.... 'a Silver Star hero'
      • First reference to heroism in novel
      • Reader wonders why Francis has been awarded a Silver Star
      • 'I am not a hero, of course'
        • Francis has low self-esteem
        • Why doesnt he believe he is a hero?
    • 'i never knew love could be so agonising'
      • Ironic!
      • For Francis, his love for Nicole does become agony
    • Francis dreams about the war in France
      • Suggests Cormiers attitude to war and what is expected of soldiers
      • Contrasts with heroic descriptions we might expect
        • Portrayed as dramatic and horrifying
    • 'too young to shave. like me'
      • All soliders are similar despite fighting for different countries
    • 'the next day, the grenade blows my face away'
      • Finally find out what happened to Francis
      • More dramatic by being a single sentence paragraph
        • Simple language
    • There are many 'then and now' comparisons in the novel showing the effects of war
      • 'Big Boy... is now sleek and hard with no soft edges'
        • War has changed him physically
      • Arthur used to be 'star first baseman'
        • Now turned to drink


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