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  • Heroes
    • Key themes
      • Heroes
      • Anti-Hero
      • Confronting evil
      • Forgiveness
      • Loneliness
      • Appearance and reality
    • Heroism is demonstrated in an array of different ways throughout the novel. Characters like Francis
    • Key quotes
      • Larry: " We love the thing that makes us evil."
      • Francis: " He had been a hero to us long before he went to war."
      • Francis:"It's amazing how the heart makes no sound when it cracks."
      • Francis: " The pale purity of her face reminded me of the statue of St Therese
      • Francis:"Silence falls between us, magnifying the sound of the  tennis game outside
    • Written by Robert Cormier
    • Social/Historical context
      • Pearl Harbor 7th December 1941
    • Chapter 1: Francis returns to Frenchtown as a war veteran, with no face due to the fact it  was blown up by a grenade
    • Chapter 2:  Flashback to the time Francis remembers Nicole Renard at the wreck centre
    • Chapter 3: Francis walks around French town and goes to Nicole's old house, despite the fact he knows she does not live there any more.
    • Chapter 4: Francis bumps into another Frenchtown veteran, a man a few years older than him,Arthur Rivier. He does not recognise Francis, but takes him to the men’s club and buys him a beer,
    • Chapter 5: Francis visits the abandon "Wreck centre"
    • Chapter 6:Francis has been in town almost a month and has become a regular fixture at the men’s club. One afternoon he asks if anyone knows when LaSalle is coming back. The veterans toast LaSalle and the barman brings out the scrap book of his exploits. Arthur recognises Francis but accepts his wish to remain anonymous to the others.
    • Chapter 7:  Francis remembers the table tennis championships that he had with Larry LaSalle,  and the attack of pearl harbor occurs the next day
    • Chapter 8: Francis finds Arhtur drunk in an alley way
    • Chapter 9: LaSalle was one of the first men to enlist, the Monday after that weekend. The Wreck Centre closed. Francis and Nicole start going to the movies together. LaSalle makes the news when he captures an enemy machine gun nest and saves his entire platoon; he gets a Silver Star and is Frenchtown’s first big hero.
    • Chapter 10:Francis remembers being treated in England. Initially he didn’t cover his face, but on a trip to London his wounds made a small boy cry. In the present he burns the addresses of the doctor and his friend from treatment, so that he has no future, apart from killing LaSalle.
    • Chapter 11: Francis remembers Larry LaSalle's homecoming from the war in 1943
    • Chapter 12: Francis vists Nicole and leaves on train after


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