Heroes Themes and Quotes

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  • Heroes
    • Heroism
      • "I'm not the hero he thinks I am"
      • "the real heroes"
      • "you're a big hero"
    • War
      • "not like the war movies at the Plymouth"
      • "the war is over and I have no face"
    • Love
      • "the sweet young things"
      • "I silently pledged her my love and loyalty forever"
      • "you and Nicole are special to me"
    • Innocence
      • "Mama"
      • "boys with apple cheeks, too young to shave"
    • Betrayal and Forgiveness
      • "my betrayal of her in her eyes"
      • "don't go"
      • "you weren't to blame"
    • Identity
      • "a spy in disguise"
      • "you deserve to be recognised"
    • Religion
      • "names like beads on a rosary"
      • "St Therese"
        • Innocence
          • "Mama"
          • "boys with apple cheeks, too young to shave"
      • "Is it a special sin to lie to a nun?"
      • "does that one sin of mine wipe away all the good things?"
      • "I just prayed for the man I'm going to kill"
  • Francis
  • Nicole
  • Larry
  • Arthur


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