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  • Hercules
    • Hercules Birth
      • Alcmene and Amphitryon lived in Thebes
        • Creon King of Thebes was on a campaign with Amphitryon
          • Zeus visited Alcmene in the form of Amphitryon
            • Alcmene thought she  was sharing a bed with her husband but was actually sharing with Zeus
              • When Amphitryon retuned he slept with Alcmene and then found out from a seer that she had slept with another man
                • Seer is a person who is reputed to be able to see the future
                • Alcmene  then found out she was pregnant with two children One was Zeus's the others Amphitryon
                  • Zeus boasted- another son that would match him but on earth- he would rule the earth
                    • Hera made Zeus vow that the first son of the House of Perseus born that night would rule Hera then made Eileithyia to prolong Alcmenes birth until Sthenelus' son Eurthyeus was born
                      • Hera hoped prolonged labour would kill both Hercules and brother- Plan failed and Hercules was born but had no power
                        • Hera sent two snakes to poison Hercules but strangled them
                          • Alcmene sacred so abandoned Hercules in the woods
                            • recovered by Athena took to Mount Olympus hope to be accepted but  Hera rejected him- returned him to Alcmene-
                              • Athena was his protector from then on
                • Amphitryon was fuming until found out the other man was a god
    • Early life
      • Hercules married Megra- Creon's daughter
        • The marriage did not last long
      • Hera was  outraged by Zeus affairso she  sent the goddess madness to infect Hercules
        • Hercules was driven insane and killed his wife and children
        • Hera sent the goddess madness to infect Hercules
          • Hercules was driven insane and killed his wife and children
    • Twelve Labours
      • 1) The Nemean Lion
      • 2) The Lernaean Hydra
      • 3)The Golden Hind
      • 4) The Erymanthian Boar
      • 5) The Augean Stables
      • 6) The stymphalian Birds
      • 7) The Creatan Bull
      • 8) The Mares of Diomedes
      • 9) The Belt of Hippolyte
      • 10) The Cattle of Geryon
      • 11) The Apples of the Hesperides
      • 12) Cerberus


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