Henry VII and Finance

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  • Henry's Finance
    • Crown lands
      • Act of Resumption
      • Granted less patronage
      • Attainder - All Richard's supporters and further rebels and Yorkist threats
      • Duchy of Lancaster - rent increased 10-fold under Bray from £650pa
    • Customs duties
      • provided a third of ordinary income
      • Increased over the reign but not by much
    • Feudal dues
      • Paid to avoid military service
      • Increased greatly over the years but were still not a large proportion of income
    • Parliamentary Grants
      • No regularity
      • Only when England was threatened
      • Battle of sStoke 1987
      • War against France 1489
      • Protect the Throne from Scots and Warbeck 1497
    • Taxation
      • Out of date tax system made it hard to collect required sum of money
      • Cornish and Yorkshire rebellions
    • Forced Loan
      • Not overused therefore worked effectively
      • Raised £50,000 to protect Brittany from France aggression
    • French Pension
      • Treaty of Etaples 1492
      • Total £159,000
    • Bonds and Recognisances
      • Also ensured good behaviour of nobility
      • Henry exploited


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