Henry VIII's strengths and weakenesses

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  • Henry's strengths and weaknesses
    • Henry had a large ego that was difficult to manage. He thought he was chosen by God (Divine Right of Kings)
    • Henry was not expected to be king, so he had little experience of government.
    • Henry had a team of experienced advisers to help him run the country e.g. Thomas Wolsey
    • He loved his wife Catherine of Aragon who had important foreign connections in Spain.
    • Had little desire to get involved in business of governing England.
    • inherited a rich and stable country from his father.
    • He was clever - spoke French, Spanish and Latin and was a great musician
    • was stubborn and often refused to change his mind.
    • was seen as handsome and open, unlike his dead father
    • liked high risk sports and pursuits which threatened his health and the stability of the kingdom
    • very devout Religious man and attended church services and gave to the poor on a daily basis


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