Henry VII's relations with Spain

Refers to AQA AS History 1483-1529

Reign of Henry VII: Political Power and Control

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  • Henry VII's foreign relations with Spain
    • Spain in 1485
      • New power in Europe after marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile in 1479.
      • At the start of his reign, Henry feared an Anglo-Spanish alliance.
    • 1489 - The Medina del Campo provided Henry with security and recognition on the international stage.
      • Ferdinand and Henry VII agreed mutual support to defend their countries against enemies.
      • Assurance that neither King would make peace, alliance or treaties with France without the other's permission.
      • Neither country would assist or harbour rebels or pretenders.
      • Princess Catherine of Aragon and Prince Arthur of England would marry.
    • Fluctuations in Anglo-Spanish relations after the Medina del Campo...
      • The Spanish did not honour their commitment to provide assistance with Brittany as they were preparing for their final attack on the moors.
      • On-going Perkin Warbeck saga threatened Spanish marriage, as they would not let their daughter marry into a politically unstable royal family.
      • Endless arguments between Ferdinand and Henry about the size and payment of Catherine's dowry.
    • The marriage
      • Marriage treaty agreed in 1499, Arthur and Catherine married in 1501.
      • BUT... Arthur died in 1502, endangering the alliance.
      • Henry proposed Catherine should marry Prince Henry, his younger son (now heir.)
      • Ferdinand held out for better terms but Ferdinand forced to accept in 1503. Needed controversial dispensation from the Pope.
    • Death of Isabella of Castile.
      • Castilian succession crisis. Ferdinand was no longer a great power and King of united Spain.
      • tried to react Prince Henry's marriage proposal and chose to back Phillip's claim.
    • Relations after 1505
      • Due to diplomatic fluctuations, Ferdinand signed Treaty of Blois with France in 1505, and married Louis XIII's niece in 1506.
      • After Philip's death (1506), Ferdinand once again became ruler of united Spain, with little need for English support.


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