Henry VIII 1509-1529

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  • Henry VIII Foreign Policy 1509-1529
    • Stage 2: Peace and Diplomacy
      • Due to death of Louis(1515), Ferdinand (1516) and Maximillian (1519), new rulers, Francis and Charles, put Henry/Eng in the shade
        • Due to expense of war and new rulers, Eng became 'Brokers of Euro Peace'
      • 1515: Duke of Albany returns to Scot as King, French-Scot alliance
      • June 1520:Field of Cloth and Gold, meeting between Fra and Eng, increasing Henry's prestige
      • 1518: Treaty of London, universal peace organised by Wolsey, highpoint of international status
      • As Henry was on good terms with both, he could choose alliance
    • Stage 1: Conquest in France
      • 1513: English Navy Defeated at Brest, Marquis of Dorset's men sent home due to ill discplined
      • August 1513: Henry personally led troops in Battle of Spurs, Therouanne and Tournai captured, all planned by Wolsey
        • This was military glory that was desired, but to a small extent
      • Sep 1513: Earl of Surrey won a decisive battle at Flodden against Scot, killing James IV, leaving Henry's sister as regent
      • 1514: Treaty with France, Tournai kept with annual pension, marriage alliance with Louis and Henry's sister
        • Wolsey's first diplomatic achievement
    • Stage 4: War against Spain 1525-1527
      • 1525: Move towards an alliance with Fra rather than Spa
      • 1527: As Charles had taken the Pope virtual prisoner after invasion of Rome, Henry could not achieve his divorce, led to fall of Wolsey
      • 1528: War with Spa, however amounted to nothing.
      • June 1529: French defeated at Landriano, Eng only included in peace treaty at last min thanks to Wolsey
      • 1527: Treaty of Westminster with Fra, agreeed perpetual peace
    • Stage 3: War against France - 1522-1525
      • May 1522: England sent an army to France but achieved nothing due to lack of support from Charles
        • Start of distrust of Charles
          • Bourbon rebellion failed, Charles couldn't pay men and cost Eng £400,000
      • 1523: Planned rebellion of the Duke of Bourbon would start invasion from Charles and Henry
        • Bourbon rebellion failed, Charles couldn't pay men and cost Eng £400,000
      • 1525: After Charles victory at Pavia, Eng envisaged a joint invasion of France
        • However never materialised, and Charles repudiated marriage treaty with Mary
        • Amicable Grant designed to raise money ran into serious resistance
      • 1525: Peace with France, Treaty of More


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