Henry VIII 1529-1536 (2 of 3)

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  • Henry VIII 1529-1536
    • 1529
      • Begins to cut ties with Rome.
      • June- Legatine court beings to try Henry's case.
        • July- recalled to Rome.
      • August- Charles V and Francis I agree peace in Treaty of Cambrai.
      • October- Henry dismisses Wolsey and appoints Thomas More.
      • November- Reformation Parliament meets.
    • 1530
      • Cromwell joins Henry's Council
      • 29th November- Death of Wolsey.
    • 1531
      • Convocation agree to Henry becoming Head of the Church in England as far as Christ's law allows.
    • 1532
      • March- Supplication against the Ordinaries.
      • May- Submission of the Clergy followed by the resignation of Thomas More from his post as Lord Chancellor.
      • May- Act in Conditional Restraint of Annates.
    • 1533
      • January- Henry and Anne secretly marry.
      • March- Thomas Cranmer appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
      • March- Act in Restraint of Appeals.
      • May- Cranmer annuls Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon
      • July- Henry excommunicated.
      • 7th September- Elizabeth born.
    • 1534
      • January-March- First parliamentary session.
        • Acts for the Submission of the Clergy, in Restraint of Annates, forbidding Papal Dispensations and payment of Peter's Pence.
          • Succession Act.
      • Thomas Cromwell is appointed the King's vice gerent in spirituals, giving him day-to-day control of the Church
      • Treasons Act passed through parliament making it unlawful to oppose the King in deed or words.
    • 1535
      • July- Thomas More executed.
      • Valor Ecclesiasticus
        • Royal visitation of the monasteries.
    • 1536
      • 7th January- Catherine of Aragon dies.
      • 19th May- Anne Boleyn beheaded.
      • 20th May- Henry marries Jane Seymour.
      • Act of Dissolution of Lesser Monasteries.
      • Ten articles published.
        • They were the first guidelines of the Church of England as it became independent of Rome.
      • Cromwell issued first set of Royal injunctions.
      • October- Pilgrimage of Grace.


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