Henry VII legacy to his son

Following the death of Hnery VII it is important to understand the legacy he left for his only remaining son Henry VII. The Spider diagram shows the main points to his legacy and explained.

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  • Henry VII's legacy to his son
    • Foreign Affairs
      • Henry VII had avoided foreign conflict due to cost
        • As well as the fact that he had his work cut out securing the throne
      • However did launch an attack on France in 1491
        • The invasion was only half-hearted and designed to achieve three things:
          • A promise that France would not support Yorkist extremists
      • Marriage alliances
        • The marriage treaty with Spain in 1489
          • Resulted in the marriage of Catherine of Aragon and Prince Arthur
          • Anglo-Spanish alliance
          • 1502 Prince Arthur dies
            • At just 12 years old Henry VIII is betrothed to Catherine of Aragon to secure the alliance
    • Securing the Dynasty
      • Henry had united the Houses of Lancaster and York through marriage to Elizabeth of York
      • Challenging the throne
        • Lambert Simnel
          • made out to be Edward, Earl of Warwick- who had a better claim to throne
            • 1487 Henry VII had to defeat a Yorkist Army at Stoke to maintain his throne
        • Perkin Warbeck (The Warbeck conspiracy)
          • Claimed to be Richard of York, second son of Edward  VI
            • Received support from Ireland, the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian and James IV of Scotland
            • Was executed in 1499
    • Keeping the Nobility in check
      • Established the Council Learned in the Law
        • To over see the administration of bonds and recognisances
          • Contracts between the nobility and the Crown in which the aristocracy promised to remain loyal to the king
      • Over the 15th century the nobility had grown in power
        • Henry was determined to restore the authority of the Crown and keep the nobility in line
    • In 1509 Henry VIII had cause to be grateful to his father on several counts
      • The Crown's finances were in good health
      • A ready-made marriage alliance with Spain awaited


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