Henry VII: Dealing with the Nobility

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  • Henry VII: Controlling Nobility.
    • Acts of Attainder.
      • Act to declare noblemen guilty of a crime against the crown, usually treason.
        • = imprisonment, lost inheritance rights for family and loss of title.
      • Passed when Henry faced crisis: Each act attainted a different amount of people.
    • Acts against illegal retaining and maintenance.
      • Sometimes noblemen used their retained men for unlawful influence on others in court case.
        • Henry did still however allow a considerable amount to continue.
      • Lords and Commons were required to swear that they would not retain illegally in 1485
      • 1504 Nobles had to obtain special licences to retain from the King.
      • Gave the King power to decide whether the retaining was legal.
    • Bonds
      • A bond recognised that the person involved recognised himself as owing the amount.
      • If the condition, usually good behaviour, was followed then they would not have to pay.
      • If the condition was not followed then they would pay. Most people didn't pay.
      • Didn't have to do anything wrong to get a bond.
      • Marquis of Dorset over the Simnel plot.
    • Recognises
      • When a personal acknowledged a debt or obligation.
      • Often enforced by a bond.


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