Henry VI's failure in France

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  • Henry VI's failure in France
    • Battle of Agincourt
      • fought by Henry V in 1415
      • 30,000 French soldiers and only 7000 English soldiers
      • English archers killed large numbers of the French
      • Narrow battlefield
        • French couldn't utilise their larger numbers
      • English victory
        • 400 English casualties and 6000 French casulaties
      • 1415-1420 Henry V won large areas of French Territory
    • Treaty of Troyes
      • 1420
      • United England and France through Henry V's marriage to Princess Katharine of France
      • Made Henry or his son the next King of France
        • Disinherited the French heri
    • Treaty of Tours
      • 1444
      • Suffolk negotiated a marriage between Henry V and Margaret of Anjou
        • Suffolk agreed to return Anjou to France, secretly gave back Maine as well
      • Short-term peace
      • Led to the loss of the French empire
      • March 1449 English took the Breton fortress of Fougéres
      • French attacked Normandy
        • Won the Battle of Rouen in October 1449
        • Won the Battle of Formigny in April 1450
    • Loss of Normandy and Gascony
      • Duke of Burgundy had an alliance with Henry V
        • By 1435 Burgundy allied with France instead
      • French King, Charles VII, was much more competent
      • In the 1440s English Crown debts increasing
        • Commanders were going unpaid
        • Crown lands had to be sold
      • 1440 York appointed Lieutenant of France
        • Capable, but Somerset led an independent campaign, which failed
          • Took men and money away from York
          • Led to his defeat at Dieppe in 1443
      • French attacked Normandy in 1449
        • Response to an English attack
          • By 1450 most of Normandy had been taken
      • Results
        • In 1449 there was a violent reaction against Suffolk and his supporters
        • January 1450 the Bishop of Chichester was killed by a mob
        • In February, Suffolk was charged with treason
          • Exiled and murdered
        • Cade Rebellion began in 1450
          • Deaths of Lord Saye and William Crowmer, Sheriff of Kent


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