Foreign policy aims of Henry VII

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  • Henry VII's Foreign policy aims
    • National Security
      • Medina Del Campo - Defensive Alliance
      • Truce of Ayton
        • Ended Hostilities following Warbeck's Invaision
      • Perpetual Peace Treaty
        • Secured Peace between England and Scotland and improved relations overall.
      • Treaty of Etaples
        • Resolved Brittany Crisis, securing peace with France
    • Dynastic Security
      • Treaty of Medina Del Campo
        • Marriage of Prince Arthur to Catherine of Aragon
          • Legitimises Tudor dynasty by linking them to established European royal families
      • Marriage of Margaret Tudor to James IV of Scotland
        • Legitimises Tudor dynasty by linking them to established European royal families
      • Treaty of Etaples
        • French stopped harbouring Perkin Warbeck, showing that they recognise Tudors as legitemate
      • All treaties that ended recognition of Yorkist pretenders
        • Treaty of Etaples (Fr)
        • Treaty of Medina Del Campo (Sp)
        • Treaty of Dordrect (HRE)
        • Truce of Ayton (Scot)
          • Stopped Scots from recognising Perkin Warbeck
      • Treaty of Windsor (Bur)
        • Yorkist Earl of Suffolk (De La Pole) returned to England
      • 1493-96 trade embargo against Burgundy to stop the harbouring of Warbeck
        • Put dynastic security over finance
    • Finance
      • Treaty of Etaples
        • Charles granted Henry a pension of 745,000 Crowns in yearly 50,000 crown instalments to compensate him for raising an army to invade.
          • Pension worth 5% of annual income
      • Intercursus Magnus
        • Secured Trade relations with Burgundy, after end of embargo.
      • Intercursus Malus
        • Tipped trade relations with Burgundy in England's favour.
      • Medina Del Campo
        • Encouraged Trade with Spain.


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