Henry VII Foreign policy

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  • Henry VII's foreign Policy
    • He wanted to achieve national security
    • He wanted to protect England's trading interests
      • Margaret of Burgundy was constantly aiding yorkist claimants and rebels at her court! Her actions in aiding Simnel and later Warbeck caused an embargo to be put forward in 1493-96 and England suffered huge blows- this showed Henry was prepared to prioritise his dynasty
        • this led to the Intercursus magnus treaty in 1496 whereby England could trade anyway in Burgundy apart from Flanders
    • He wanted to achieve international recognition for his dynasty
      • Treaty of Medina Del Campo 1489- Secured marriage between Catherine and Arthur and both countries agreed to protect each other in the event of an invasion.
        • Later on Catherine's sister Juana shipwrecks in England and Henry uses this opportunity to form the Treaty of Windsor and obtain another York claimant the Earl of Suffolk.
    • Treaty of Redon in 1489 committed English troops to protect the Duchy of Brittany against France for a small fee paid by Anne of Brittany- Henry thought it would be dangerous to let France control more of the coast.
      • But Charles VIII eventually married Anne of Brittany and in revenge supported warbeck
        • 1492- Henry would receive a pension from France, they would stop supporting Warbeck
    • Henry obtained a three year truce with Scotland in 1486 although James III died in 1488
      • In 1495-96 James IV supports Warbeck, even marrying him to his cousin Cathy Gordon.
        • Signed the Treaty of Ayton which became the Treaty of Perpetual Peace in 1502- arranging the marriage of Margaret to James IV
    • Control over Ireland didn't extend beyond the Pale and monarchs had to rely on the earls of Kildare to administer and rule Ireland on their behalf- they were strong Yorkists
      • In 1487 the earl of Kildare named Simnel King
        • By 1494 prince Henry was named Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and Poynings as his deputy- Poynings law made sure that English laws automatically applied to Ireland and that laws could only be passed there with English permission
          • But this was costly and the Earl of kildare was reinstated after swearing his loyalty to Henry


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