Henry VII consolidation of power

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  • Henry VII's Consolidation of Power
    • Marriage
      • Married Elizabeth of York in 1486
        • United Yorkist and Lancaster family
      • Treaty of Medina del Campo 1489
        • Arranged a marriage alliance between Spain and England
        • Prince Arthur was to marry Catherine of Aragon
      • Treaty of Perpetual Peace 1502
        • Marriage between Henry's daughter Margaret and James IV was arranged
    • Heir
      • Prince Arthur born in September 1489
      • Birth of Prince Henry 1491
    • Threats
      • Perkin Warbeck
        • Treaty of Etaples 1492
          • Charles V agreed to withdraw his support for P.W
        • 1491- impersonatedRichard, Duke of York
        • 1497, he tried to seek the English throne by exploiting the rebellion in the Cornish Rebellion
      • Viscount  Lovell and the Staffords
        • Minor rising in 1486, easily suppressed
      • Lambert Simnel
        • Being passed off as the Earl of Warwick
          • Put together by John de la Pole, a potential Yorkist claimant
    • Securing his dynasty
      • Arranged for Elizabeth of York and the Earl of Warwick to be detained
        • Had much greater claims to the throne
      • Acts of Attainders passed against Yorkists.
        • To forfeit their property to the Crown
      • Foreign Policy
        • Puts this before trade


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