Henry the VIII and his six wives

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  • Henry VIII and His 6 Wives
    • Jane Seymour
      • 3rd Wife
    • Anne Boleyn
      • 2nd Wife
    • Catherine of Aragon
      • 1st Wife
      • Was originally married to his older brother author for 6 mouths then he Died
        • Married to Prince Arthur: 14 November 1501
      • Was married to Henry on the 11th June 1509
        • Was Divorced from Henry in 1533
      • Anne Boleyn, marry Boleyn and Jane Seymour were all at some point her ladies in waiting
      • she had between 7 and 10 pregnancy's and all but one ended in miscarriages or still births
        • Marry I was the only Child to Survive infancy
    • Anne of Cleves
      • 4th Wife
    • Kathryn Howard
      • 5th Wife
    • Katherine Parr
      • 6th Wife


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