HENRY VII Rebellions

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  • Henry VII: Rebellions
    • Yorkshire
      • WHO: Sir John Egremont and Yorkshiremen
      • Taxes
        • Cornwall
          • WHO: Sir Thoma Flamank, Lord Audley and 15000 Cornishmen.
          • WHAT: Cornish objected to pay tax to fund HVII's war with Scotland.
            • The rebels marched to Blackheath.
          • HOW: HVII'S army of 25,000 defeated the rebels.
            • Audley was executed, Flamank was hanged, draw and quartered.
              • 100's of rebels were fined, which led to another rebellion in support of Warbeck.
          • OUTCOME: HVII made £15,000 in fines but earned the lasting resentment of the Cornish.
      • WHAT: Yorkshiremen objected to paying a tax to fund HVII's war in France.
        • Led to death of Earl of Northumberland, who was sent to collect the tax.
      • HOW: HVII sent 8000 men led by Earl of Surrey , which dispersed the rebels.
        • Egremont fled to France, HVII pardoned most of the rebels
          • HVII revived the Council of the North, made Surrey his Lieutenant.
      • RESULT: HVII gets Northumberland's land and strengthens his control in the North.
    • Pretenders
      • Simnel
        • WHO: An imposter from Oxford, whose priest had put him up to claiming to be Edward, Earl of Warwick.
        • WHAT: 1486, He left for Ireland, 1497 Crowned Edward VI.
          • Had the support of foreign powers, such as Kiladare and Margaret of Burgundy.
            • HVII paraded the real Earl of Warwick through London.
              • Simnel failed to gain support after landing in war weary Lancaster.
                • Defeated in Battle of Stoke, John de la Pole killed.
        • HOW: HVII pardoned him and put him to work in the royal kitchens.
        • RESULT: One less Yorkist with a better claim to the throne.
      • Warbeck
        • WHO: John Osbeck, claiming to be Richard, Duke of York.
        • WHAT: 1492: Welcomed by Charles VIII of France but had to leave due to the TREATY OF ETAPLES. Was welcomed by Margaret of Burgundy.
          • 1495: HVII had William Stanley and other nobles executed for plotting with Warbeck.
        • HOW: HVII pardoned Warbeck and allowed him to remain at court.
          • 1498: Warbeck ran away.
            • 1499: HVII had Warbeck and Earl of Warwick executed for plotting against him.
        • RESULT: HVII got rid of a real and fake Yorkist claimant.
    • Stafford, Lovell.
      • WHO: Lord Francis Lovell, a friend of Richard III. and the Stafford Brothers.
        • Failed to gain supporters in York to attack HVII while he was on Progress.
          • Remaining support melted away when HVII promised pardons.
            • Lovell fled to Margaret of Burgundy,
      • HOW: Stafford's forcibly removed from their sanctuary. (ruled that traitors had no right to it).
        • Humphrey Stafford was executed but Thomas was pardoned.
          • Pope supported HVII by ruling a Bill limiting the sanctuary rights of treason suspects
      • RESULT: One less Yorkist leader and the backing of the Pope.


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