Henry VII problems

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  • Henry VII : Problems and Solutions
    • Yorkists
      • Problems
        • Henry had become king by defeating the Yorkists at the Battle of Bosworth
        • They were still a threat and Henry didn't have a strong claim to the throne
        • Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck both challenged him
      • Solutions
        • Henry united the two families by marrying Elizabeth of York
        • He made the Tudor rose, red on the outside for Lancaster, and white on the inside for York
        • This solved the problem but they still never truly recognised him as king
    • Barons
      • Problems
        • The barons were very powerful, because of their money
        • They were never faithful to either side in the war
        • They each had their own strong, private armies
      • Solutions
        • Henry had a three step plan to control them
          • He banned all private armies
            • Anyone with a private army would be tried for treason and could be executed
          • He taxed them heavily
            • This reduced their wealth and gave him enough money to develop his own army
            • This also solved the problem of England being a somewhat poor country at the time
          • Henry created the Court of Star Chamber
            • It was run by faithful supporters of Henry
            • They would severely punish any baron who stepped out of line
    • Foreign Countries
      • Problems
        • Foreign wars in distant countries costed a lot
        • Spain and France were very powerful
      • Solutions
        • Henry married his eldest, Arthur, to Catherine of Aragon, a Spanish princess
        • When Arthur died, he arranged for his next son, Henry, to marry her to keep the countries friendly


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