Henry VII parliament

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  • Henry VII's parliment
    • key features
      • Comprised of House of Commons and House of Lords
        • House of Lords= Lord of Spiritual (bishops and abbots) and Lord Temporal (nobility)
      • only met occasionally so not central to system of government.
      • main functions to pass laws and grant taxation to the crown.
      • local issues and grievances could be passed on to the king's officials by local MP's.
      • only the king could call Parliament (only called 7 times in his reign largely concerning issues with revenue and national security)
    • 1st parliament- Nov 1485- May 1486
      • 1st two passed numerous Acts of Attainders.
        • 2nd parliament- Nov 1487- Dec 1487
      • Granted Tonnage and Poundage (Tonnage was a fixed subsidy on each tun (cask) of wine imported, and poundage was a proportional tax on all imported and exported goods)
    • 2nd parliament- Nov 1487- Dec 1487
    • 3rd Parliament- Jan 1489-Feb 1490
    • 4th Parliament- Oct 1491- Mar 1992
    • 5th Parliament- Oct 1495- Dec 1495
    • 6th Parliament- Jan 1497- Mar 1497
    • 7th parliament- Jan 1504- Apr 1504
      • In 1504 an act was passed which forbade corporations from making any regulations unless they first had the approval of Henry VII.
    • other parliaments granted (taxation granted to raise funds in emergencies such as war)
      • a form of extraordinary was fifteenths and tenths (stanard form of taxation which were imposed on alleged value of taxpayers goods)


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