Henry VII- Government 

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  • Henry VII- Government
    • Council- made up of lawyers, nobles and clergymen. They would advise the king, administer the realm and make legal judgements.
      • An offshoot was the Council Learned that focused on exploiting the kings prerogative through a system of bonds and (recogs) that aimed to extract wealth and therefore power of the influential nobility. Members- e.g Bray and Dudley who were skilled administrators and lawyers.
    • parliament
      • Only met 5 times during his reign, mainly at the start. It was needed to grant extraordinary taxation but this was a last resort for Henry and he found new ways of extracting money (Act of Resumption, Council Learned, Feudal dues and Customs duties.
    • There were also regional divides. The North, Wales and Cornwall were particularly difficult to govern and the king had to rely on magnates.
      • Henry didn't like this method as much as it gave them too much authority so he relied on JP's who would regulate law and order and meet at quarterly sessions to voice their concerns etc
    • After Henry discovered Sir William Stanley's betrayal he put formed the Privy Chamber- closest advisors.


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