Henry VII foreign policy

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  • Henry VII Foreign Policy
    • Aims
      • Ensure stability from France and Scotland by establishing royal recognition.
      • Develop trade with other European countries. Expanded trade especially in the Med.
      • Gain a marriage alliance with spain through Prince Arthur.
    • France
      • Treaty of Redon (1489):
        • England Pledged to help Brittany from French Aggression.
        • England sent 6000 troops to Brittany.
        • Led to English defeat and the subsequent union of Brittany and France in 1491.
      • Treaty of Etaples (1492).
        • France agreed with England to pay a monthly 'pension' of 50,000 crowns a year if English troops withdrew from Brittany.
        • Treaty also meant the withdrawal of French support for Perkin Warbeck.
    • Spain
      • Treaty of the Medina Del Campo (1489).
        • England and Spain agreed on a reduction in import tariffs.
        • Also agreed the marriage between Catherine of Aragon and Prince Arthur.
        • Gave England a significant ally in Spain who was an international power at the time.
      • Death of Arthur and Elizabeth.
        • The death of Arthur caused a significant issue for Henry and Ferdinand. However they were able to come to an agreement for the marriage of Catherine and Henry instead,
        • The death of Elizabeth also brought conflict between Ferdinand and Henry as it seemed the Tudor dynasty was seriously under threat due to henry having no wife and only one male heir.
    • Netherlands, Burgundy and HRE.
      • Margaret of Burgundy was a Yorkist sympathizer who openly supported Perkin War beck.
        • Burgundy was England's primary source of trade with significant trade deals such as Magnus Intercurses in 1496.
      • Henry issued a trade embargo upon the Netherlands due to their support for Perkin Warbeck.
    • Scotland
      • Truce of Ayton (1497)
        • Scotland agreed to withdraw support for Perkin Warbeck
      • Treaty of Ayton (1502).
        • Nicknamed 'Treaty of Perpetual Peace'.
        • Formalized the peace agreement of 1547.
        • Henry's eldest daughter married into the Scottish royal family/


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