Henry VII and the nobility (part 2)

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  • Henry VII Punishments
    • Acts of Attainder- other kings did this too, loss of lands and titles
      • Thomas Howard fought for imprisoned and attained- but as time on he proved his loyalty- 1487 refused to escape from Tower during Simnel plot-restored title Earl of Surrey after taking oath of allegiance (1489)
        • Put in charge of law and order in North, (1491) put down second rising in York and in 1492 return of remainder of attained Howard estates
      • Success: H lifted 46/138- loyalty rewarded ( lot more than prev King (Ed IV) Failures: Edmund de la Pole resented that he didn't get his dad's land-caused a rebellion
    • Bonds and Recognisance
      • 1. Thomas Grey wasn't trusted- supp Richard in 1485- 1492 he was told to transfer most his land, give recognisance of £1000+ find others who would give recog of £10k on his behalf
        • By 1499 Dorset had proved loyalty to H (put Cornish rebellion) and these agreements were cancelled
      • Success: stopped disloyalty, 1485-1509 36/62 gave b+r to H and limited help for rebellions as ppl were stuck in these agreements
        • Failures: 'written agreement'- enforced loyalty better than free loyalty? Nobles felt they weren't trusted-resentment
      • Bonds= written agreement in which ppl promised to pay a sum of money if they failed to carry out a promise
      • Recognisances= acknowledge of a debt/obligation ( e.g keeping peace towards subjects or good behaviour) that already existed
    • Feudal dues- H assert power; put feudal rights over nobility
      • 1. Katherine, Dowager Duchess of Buckingham- fined approx. £7000 (1496) for marrying without K's licence
      • 2. Edward, Duke of Buckingham, fined approx £7000 for inheritance (1498) without licence
      • 3. H's increased control seen in inc. in proceeds from wardship+marriage- £350-£6000 (1487-1507)
        • Successes: Increased control for K, gained money Failures: caused resentment
    • Retaining- done by other Kings, H used it for admin purposes and for fighting local forces
      • 3. Earl of Devon gave a recognisance not to retain illegally- broke prom. in 1506- forced to pay some money
        • 2. 1504- proclamations ensured nobles had to obtain special 'placecards' or licences to retain- had to be obtained from King himself
          • 1. 1485-Lords+Commons had to swear in parliament that they would not retain illegally
      • Successes: K could keep tabs on nobleites' armies
        • Failures: 1504 Act- £5/month per illegal retainer (1506- Lord Burgavenny  fine approx. £70k) and nobles where more secretive with K- how much did he know
    • Crown Land- H determined policy to get land to Crown, more land=more power
      • 1. 1486- Parliament passed an act of Resumption- recovered crown all properties granted away since 1455 (prev. WoR)
        • 2. H rewarded land not from Crown but opponents
        • 3. Lands held by Warwick and Dukes of Clarence and Gloucester- almost all retained by Henry through his reign
          • Successes: Nobility had less power, Gentry's loyalty lie more with King than with nobles. Failures: Resentment from nobles as they're losing loyalty


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