Henry VII and the Nobility

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  • Henry VII and the Nobility
    • Problems
      • Land holdings
        • Many nobles has massive amounts of power through the amount of land that they owned.
        • For example: the Earl of Northumberland, Duke of Norfolk, and the Stanleys.
      • Henry needed the advice and support of the Nobility to be able to run the country.
        • Because of his years in exile, he needed the knowledge of the Nobility.
        • The Nobility would ensure that law was followed in the localities.
        • The Nobility would fill key offices.
      • The loyalty of the Nobility was limited because some had supported Richard III at Bosworth.
      • Interpretation: A. Grant described the Nobility to be 'super-nobles' because of the amount of power they gained.
    • Controlling the Nobility
      • Henry limited the number of people that made up  the Nobility so it was easier for him to control.
      • Inducement and sanctions ('the carrot and the stick')
      • Henry abandoned the system of rewarding nobles with land as it had proven to give them too much power.
      • Re-established the Order of the Garter.
        • An order of Knighthood which became England's highest order of chivalry.
      • Patronage was now the result of royal service.
        • Granted to people who were loyal before and after Bosworth.
          • Earl of Oxford.
        • Granted to those who provided good service.
          • Lord Daubeney, led the royal army when fighting the Cornish rebellion.
      • Reward of a membership to the King's Council or Great Council.
      • Sanctions used: Acts of Attainder and bonds and recognisances
        • Acts of Attainder were damaging to families as they lost their rights to their land.
        • The Acts of Attainder could be reversed on the condition of good behaviour.
        • Bonds and recognisances were written agreements whereby nobles who offended the King either paid for their offence or paid money as future security.
      • Feudal Rights
        • Marriage
        • Wardship
        • Relief
        • Livery
      • Regaining crown lands


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