Henry VII and foreign powers

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  • Henry VII and foreign powers
    • Spain
      • In 1489,  the treaty of medina del campo was signed between England and Spain. It agreed that:
        • Spain and England would not make treaties with France without sounding the others first.
        • There would be equal trading rights for each other's merchants
        • Prince Arthur would marry the Spanish Catherine of Aragon to cement the alliance. Marriage actually took place in 1501
    • Burgundy
      • Burgundy was part of the HRE
      • Richard III's sister, Margaret of Burgundy, who hated Henry VII, was very influential in Burgundy. She had been married to its previous duke
      • Margaret of Burgundy supported Perkin Warbeck until 1496, when Henry signed Magnus intercursus with Philip, duke of Burgundy
    • France
      • France took control of Brittany, which was against Henry's interests. This was called the Breton Crisis
      • The 1492 Treaty of Etaples that ended the Breton Crisis gave Henry an annual income and a guarantee that France would not shelter English rebels
      • In 1496, Henry VII entered the holy league, an alliance of France's rivals in the continuing Italian wars. But England remained neutral in the fighting
    • Scotland
      • England made a truce with Scotland in 1486
      • In Summer 1495, Perkin Warbeck was welcomed by King James IV. Warbeck was given £1,200


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