Henry VII: Domestic and society 

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  • Henry VII: Domestic and society
    • Overcame all 5 rebellions
    • Reduced Power of nobility: Acts against Livery and Retaining (1504) and marriage licenses
    • William Stanley beheaded for role in Warbeck rebellion
    • Act of Attainder stripped enemies of status, wealth and influence: 138 Acts were Passed
    • Henry worked locally with the church allowing him to have the rule of sanctuary changed
    • Only 50-60 Nobles
    • Faced 5 rebellions
    • Two rebellions due to taxation
    • Empson and Dudley were unpopular
    • Enclosures were an issue
    • Trade Embargo with Burgundy 1493
    • Decline in in export of Wool
    • Two anti enclosure acts had no effect
    • People Lived in poverty


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