henry jekyll

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  • Dr Jekyll
    • appeared to be good and respectable
      • known for charity work
      • socialises in upper class circles
      • holds dinner parties
      • sociable and friendly with 'every mark of capacity and kindness'
      • carries his 'head high'
    • Theme-reputation
      • sense of guilt for his 'faults'
      • creates a 'deeper trench' than most people between his good and bad side
      • 'almost morbid sense of shame'
      • 'profound duplicity of life'
        • duplicity=act of being deceitful
    • ambitious man of science
      • experiments in 'transcendental medicine'
      • no respect for Lanyon
        • unscientific balderdash
    • turning into Hyde
      • "active goodwill"
        • ironic that he turns into Hyde when he's feeling satisfied with his virtues
    • Theme- Dual Nature of Man
      • Jekyll furnishes a house and employs a housekeeper for Hyde
      • Jekyll kept Hyde "long caged" but he returned more brutal than ever
      • Jekyll has trouble accepting that Hyde is part of him
        • "He, I say-I cannot say, I"-Jekyll
      • not strong enough to stop Hyde from taking over- enjoys being Hyde too much
    • ambition
      • "every guarantee of an honourable and distinguished future"
    • respectable
      • "well known and highly considered"
    • troubled
      • "I bring the life of that unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end"


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