Henry II - Scottish Relations

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  • Henry II - Scottish Relations
    • King David I
      • Allowed him Northumbria and Cumbria
        • South of Solway and Tweed
      • Needed David's support to keep the throne
    • Malcolm IV
      • Took all lands south of Solway and Tweed
      • Made him earl of Huntington
      • Henry bullied him
      • Henry knew he was weak and inexperienced
      • Henry in stronger position then when King David was in power
    • William I
      • Henry knighted brother, invited him to son's coranations
      • Taken prisoner after rebellion
        • Forced him to pay homage and swear fealty
      • Lost 5 key castles
        • Edinburgh
        • Roxburgh
        • Betwick
        • Jedburgh
        • Stirling


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