Henry Foreign Policy 1509-1526

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  • Henry VIII foreign policy(1509-1526)
    • Aims
      • 1. warrior king 2. be influential in Europe 3.
    • France
      • 1512 failed invasion of France. 1513 second invasion orchestrated by wolsey
        • Battle of spurs 1513, capture of Tournai and therouanne
      • 1514 marriage alliance between Henry's little sister Mary and Louis XII of France
        • Henry wanted to use Mary to control Louis and France but he died a year later (1515) and Francis I succeeded him
      • 1518 Treaty of London orchestrated by Wolsey who was Papal Legate, universal peace treaty. England seen as peace maker
      • 1520 field of the cloth of gold between France and England.
    • Scotland
      • 1513 battle of Flodden with Scotland. James IV dies (Margaret Tudor, Henry Tudor's sister's Husband)
    • Spain/HRE
      • 1516 Ferdinand of Aragon died and Charles I (V) succeeded him.
        • France invaded Italy. Treaty of Noyon stopped the war, Charles acknowledged French control in Milan
      • 1517 Treaty of Cambrai, Alliance between Maximilian and Charles
      • 1519 Maximilian dies, Charles inherits HRE, Spain and part of Netherlands/Burgundy
      • 1521 Treaty of Bruges between Charles and Henry. Possible marriage of Charles and Mary.
      • 1522 War with France
        • 1525 Charles wins battle of Pavia, rejects Henry's joint invasion, refuses the marriage allience
          • League of Cognac- against HRE


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