henry 8th and his wives

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  • Henry 8th and his wives.
    • Henry the 8th was born on june 28th, 1491.
    • He died on January 28th, 1547
    • He was crowned june 24th, 1509
    • Henry had 6 wives.
      • 1. Catherine of Aragon- divorced.
      • 2. Anne Boleyn- beheaded.
      • 3. Jane Seymour- died
      • 4. Anne of Cleves- divorced
      • 5. Catherine Howard- beheaded
      • 6. Catherine Par- survived.
    • He had four children
    • His reign: 1509-1547
    • One of the most famous things he did was separate the church of England from the Roman Catholic church.
    • Henrys dad was Henry 7th who was the first tudor king and his mum was Elizabeth of York.
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