A Doll's House - Henrik Ibsen Bio

A mindmap with the key features of Ibsen's life and a key quote about the play.

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  • Henrik Ibsen
    • Born 1828 in Norway
      • A time where women didn't have many rights, if any
    • Came from a poor family - father became bankrupt when Ibsen was 6/7
      • His Father resented his wife and children
      • Did his father feel like it was his wife's and children's fault that he was bankrupt?
        • His Father resented his wife and children
      • In the play, Torvald is obsessed with money
    • His Mother was everything to husband and children
      • Very much like Nora in the play (or so we think in the start/middle)
    • "this is not a feminist play but is simply the description of humanity"


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