Helsinki Accords, 1975

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  • Helsinki Accords, 1975
    • Warsaw Pact countries wanted to secure US recognition of the European borders established after WW2
      • The USA saw this as an opportunity to gain concessions from the Soviet gov. in return
    • First Basket
      • declared the borders of Europe to be 'inviolable' - could not be altered by force
      • All countries accepted the Soviet Bloc in East Europe and East Germany
      • this was criticised by right-wing USA
    • Second Basket
      • trade and technology exchanges to promote links across the Iron Curtain - OSTPOLITIK
    • Third Basket
      • an agreement to respect human rights - i.e. freedom of speech and freedom of movement across Europe
        • seen as a step forward by the West when Soviets accepted this with Eastern Europe
      • organisations were established to monitor govs and their actions against these principles


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