Cold War - Helsinki Agreements, 1975

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  • Helsinki Agreements, 1975
    • Security
      • All country boundaries were accepted - East and West Germany accepted each others existence for the first time
      • All disputes were to be settled peacefully, not by use of force or threats. If necessary through the UN
      • Countries would inform each other about large military manoeuvres and would allow representatives from other countries to observe them
      • No country would interfere in the internal affairs of another country
    • Co-operation
      • economic co-operation through trade
        • the USSR and USA would trade together, USA  buying oil from the USSR and the USSR buying wheat from the USA
      • scientific co-operation
        • sharing information and research for example in medicine or space research
      • Industrial co-operation
        • setting the same standards and running joint industrial projects
      • Educational co-operation
        • for example learning languages and student exchanges
    • Human Rights
      • countries should respect human rights
      • freedom of speech
      • freedom of infotmation
      • freedom of religion
      • freedom of movement
    • Facts
      • representatives from 35 countries
        • all of Europe (except Andorra and Albania), the USSR, USA and Canada
      • Discussed an agreement that took two years to draft
      • Terms applied to everyone


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