Critical theorys

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  • Critical Theory
    • Marxist theory
      • Concerned with material possessions
      • Our society dictates our consciousness: if you're born to a lower class you will always be lower class.
      • Themes: Heirachry, social class, outsiders (alienation), public authority
      • We have less free will than we think
      • Eg Gatsby: high class but essensially still looked down on (By tom ect.)
    • Feminist theory
      • The personal and the political cannot be seperated- directly connected to political organisation
      • sexual steriotyping is lazy
      • Question traditional female and male roles. Distribution of power biased towards men.
      • Eg women are helplesss and usually seductive or immoral
    • Metaphor theory
      • Importance of elements in a text that are meaphorical
        • Eg. similie, metaphor, personifictation, reification, symbol ect
      • How creative or coventional a metaphor is
        • Conventional metaphors: so overused public don't notice eg: will fight disease
        • Creative: A metaphor that needs to be pondered by the reader to be understood- used to express particular idea or feeling
      • Conceptual bleeding: Linking 2 different ideas to create 1 consept eg tennis describing love
      • Transferred Epithet: A word transferred from one subject to another that STILL works eg dogs in the wet nosed yard
      • Synecdoche: Substitutes part for whole eg. 10 hands represents 10 workers (part of a whole)
      • Metonymy: substitute cause for effect
    • Aesthetic Critics/ beauty adn value
      • How many beautiful qualities does something have
      • The relationships between somethings external form and its internal subject matter
      • Canonical literature: timeless classics eg dickins- if they are payed special attention. tasteful and refined.
      • Untitled
      • Canonical criteria: Timless books are used in syllybusses
      • Brathes Readerly and Writerly
        • Readerly: so lost in a book you don't notice youre reading
        • Writerly: makes the audience work harder to understand techniques


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