Successes and Failures of League during 1920s

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  • Successes and Failures of League in 1920s
    • VILNA: 1920
      • Unsuccessful
      • Vilna was capital city of Lithuania, but residents wanted to be Polish.
      • Poland took over Vilna and Lithuania wanted League's help.
      • Polish told to step down: refused.
      • French didn't help as they saw Poland as a potential ally and Britain couldn't act  as a unanimous decision wasn't made
    • AALAND ISLANDS: 1921
      • Sucessful
      • Border dispute between Sweden and Finland: both claimed Aaland Islands: threatened war on each other
      • League said island should go to Finland: not allowed to build forts: so couldn't use it to attack Sweden
      • Sweden agreed and war was successfully prevented
    • CORFU: 1923
      • Unsuccessful- easily overturned by another group
      • Italy sorting borders between Greece and Albania: some Italian soldiers killed
      • Mussolini blamed Greece: wanted compensation and murderers to be killled
      • Mussolini invaded Corfu: Greek Island
      • League condemned Mussolini's actions and agreed to give money to Italy when killers were found
      • Mussolini dissatisfied: went to Conference of Ambassador: undermined League by making them pay compensation


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