Hedda Gabler themes

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  • Hedda Gabler
    • Love
      • Hedda is in a loveless marriage
        • Married Tesman only because she was "on the shelf"
      • Hedda never loved Loevborg
        • Wanted to live vicariously through him
      • Mrs Elvsted runs away from her loveless marriage
        • She wants more
    • Freedom
      • Mrs Elvsted seeks freedom
        • Wants to divorce husband
      • Hedda commits suicide to be free
        • "not free, still not free"
        • Freedom from Brack's power over her
    • Power
      • Hedda wants it
        • Especially over Loevborg
      • Brack has it over Hedda
        • Knows that pistol came form her
      • Only men in their society have power
    • Role of women
      • Traditional values
        • Marry, have children, look after house, no divorce
      • Hedda resents it
        • That's why she needs Loevborg
      • Mrs Elvsted is brave enough to defy it
        • Hedda could never do it


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