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  • Hector
    • Cowardice
      • Runs 2x -  ships  on fire, during fight over Sarpedon's body (but Zeus) (16)
      • Runs 3x around city when Achilles comes charging at him (22)
    • Respectful
      • Listens to brother Helenus (women to pray to Athene) (6)
      • Refuses to give libations  covered in dirt (6)
    • Family Man (all book 6)
      • May be the ground be piled high above me before Andromache taken - caught between fate & duty
      • Assumes best of wife -  praying to Athene or at home with servants
    • Egotistical
      • Mocks Paris for cowardice 'Paris, you parody' but normal at time (3)
      • Tells Paris to return to the fighting. Encouraging? (6)
        • No responsibility - says war is Paris' fault (6)
      • Rejects Polydamas' advice to go back inside walls - has Achilles' armour - arrogant?  (18)
      • Mocks Achilles saying  his death date wasn't that day when Achilles' spear missed (22)
    • Duty driven
      • Says has to return to fighting - duty (6)
      • Refuses to sit with Helen - must return (6)
      • Doesn't listen to Hecabe or Praim when they beg him to stay by the walls (22)
      • Wanted to fight despite Polydamas' advice, but lack of judgment(18)
    • Skilled


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