P1a- Heating Houses

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  • Heating Houses
    • Measuring Temperature
      • When temperature increases, the kinetic energy of particles increase
      • Temperature is arbitrary scale of hotness
      • Heat= internal energy= absolute scale
      • Thermogram uses colour to show temperature
    • Specific Heat Capacity
      • Measured in J/Kg*C
      • SHC= energy needed to raise temperature of 1kg by 1*C
      • Energy transferred= Mass x SHC x Temp. change
      • When temperature of object rises, energy is transferred
    • Specific Latent Heat
      • When an object is heated and it changes state, energy is transferred, but the temp. remains constant
      • Energy transferred= mass x SLH
      • The energy needed to melt or boil 1Kg of a material (J/Kg)
      • When a substance changes state, energy is needed to break the bonds instead of change the temp.
    • Energy Flow
      • Energy flows from hotter body to colder body


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