P1 1.9 Heating and Insulating Buildings

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  • Heating and Insulating Buildings
    • People often want to minimise rate of energy transfer
      • Fibreglass loft insulation
        • Reduces energy transfer by conduction
      • Cavity wall insulation
        • Traps air to reduce convection
      • Double glazing
        • Reduces conduction through windows
      • Draught proofing
        • Reduces convection
      • Aluminium foil behind radiators
        • Reflects infrared radiation back into the room
    • U-Values
      • Tells how much energy per second passes through a material
      • Allows us to compare materials
      • The lower the U-Value, the better the insulator
    • Solar heating panels
      • Contain water heated by radiation from the sun
      • Can be used to heat buildings or provide domestic hot water
      • Cheap to run as they don't use fuel
      • Expensive to buy and install
      • Water is not heated at night


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