Heathcliff Character profile

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  • Heathcliff
    • Dark haired, dark skinned 'Gipsy'
    • Loves Catherine- leaves WH after finding out she will marry Edgar
    • He returns many years later to get revenge on Hindley
      • A lot of novel focus's on his evil doing and acts of revenge.
    • '... not a rough diamond... he's a fierce, pitiless, wolfish man'
      • Can expect great cruelty from H towards Isabella.
      • He's uncivilised and even love can't tame him
    • 'Unreclaimed creature'
      • He doesn't belong in, nor can be claimed by any social structure e.g. family.
    • He marries Edgars sister Isabella to make E miserable
    • Takes Edgar's son Hareton & his property to degrade him
    • Can be perceived as a gift and threat.


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