Heathcliff in Volume One of Wuthering Heights

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  • Heathcliff
    • "A Capital Fellow!" - Lockwood
    • "In dress and manners a gentleman"
    • "Dark-skinned gypsy"
    • "It is astonishing how sociable I feel myself compared with him"
    • "A genuine bad fellow"
    • "Vagabond" - Hindley
    • "Violent emotion"
    • "dirty, ragged, black haired child"
    • "Fling it out of doors"
    • "gipsy brat"
    • "stupid little thing"
    • "bred bad feeling in the house"
    • "imp of Satan"
    • "A wicked boy"
    • His eyes are "black fiends" that "lurk" like "devils spies"
    • "He delighted to witness Hindley degrading himself past redemption"
    • It is his "natural impulse" to save Hareton
    • "Hes more myself than I am!"
    • "I remembered the eyes"
    • "tall, athletic, well formed man"
    • "Eyes full of black fire"
    • "Cruel Heathcliff!" - Catherine
    • "Reformed in every respect (...) quite a Christian!" - Nelly Dean
    • "Heathcliff - Mr Heathcliff I should say in the future"
    • "A fierce, pitiless wolfish man" - Catherine
    • "Without refinement, without cultivation"
    • "An unreclaimed creature" - Catherine
    • "Devil teaches you to swear at Daddy?"
    • "Is Mr Heathcliff a man?"
    • "With a look of Catherine in his eye" - Isabella
    • Calls Isabella a "****"
    • "The single pleasure I can imagine is to die, or see him dead"
    • "It seemed Heathcliff COULD weep on a great occasion like this"
    • "I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!"
    • "the brute beast"
    • "childish spite"
    • "Still, he didn't molest her"


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