Heat Transfer

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  • Heat Transfer
    • Thermal Radiation
      • Thermal radiation is the energy transfer by electromagnetic waves
      • All objects emit thermal radiation
      • The hotter an object is, the more thermal radiation it emits
      • The sun emits radiation in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum
      • Thermal radiation is also called infra-red radiation
    • Surfaces and Radiation
      • Dark matt surfaces are better emitters of thermal radiation that light shiny surfaces
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      • Dark matt surfaces are better absorbers of thermal radiation than light  shiny surafecs
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    • Conduction
      • metals conduct heat  better than non metals because non metals have no free electrons
      • Wood condicts heat  better han glass
      • Copper is a better conductor of heat than steel
      • Materials such as fibreglass are good insulators because they ccntain pockets of trapped air
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    • Convection
      • Convection occurs when the more energetic particles move from the hotte region to the cooler region and take heat with them
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      • A radiator is an example of convection
      • Convection currents are all about changes in density
    • Heat Transfer By Design
      • Vacuum flask is designed to keep drinks at the temperature you want
      • Cavity wall insulation in homes reduces heat loss through the walls
      • Double glazed windows consists of a vaccum between 2 panes of glass which cuts out heat transfer


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