Heat transfer

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  • Heat transfer
    • Conduction
      • the transfer of heat energy through a material- without the material moving
      • metals are a good conductor of heat while liquids and gasses are not good conductors of heat.
        • bad conductors of heat are called insulators
    • Infra- red Radiation
      • All objects emit and absorb thermal radiation- it is infra-red radiation. Infrared radiation is a type of EM radiation which involves waves rather than particles. Passes through the vacuum of space. This is why we can still feel the heat of the Sun.
        • Dark Matt surfaces are good emitter and good absorbers of infra-red radiation but are bad reflectors of infra-red radiation.
          • Light shiny surfaces are good reflectors of infra-red radiation but the ability to absorb and reflect infr-red rediation is poor
    • Insulating the home
      • payback time
        • payback time (years) = cost of installation (£) ÷ savings per year in fuel costs (£)
      • Loft insulation, double glazing windows, draught excluders and cavity wall insulation


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