Heat Conduction

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  • Heat Conduction
    • Conduction of Heat - Occurs mainly in solids.
      • Conduction of heat energy is the process by which vibrating particles pass on their extra kinetic energy to neighbouring particles
      • The process continues throughout the solid and gradually some of the kinetic energy is passed all the way through the solid causing a rise in temperature.
    • Metals are good conductors because they have free electrons
      • Metals conduct so well because the electrons are free to move inside the metal.
      • At the 'hot end' the electrons move faster and collide with other electrons transferring energy.
        • These electrons pass on their electrons to the next electrons and so on and so forth.
      • Because the electrons can move freely, this is obviously a much faster way of transferring the energy.
      • This is why heat energy travels so fast in metals.


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