Diet and Exrcise

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  • Healthy Living
    • Metabolism - All the chemical reactions that take place in your cells. The rate is the speed at which they occur
      • There are slight variations in the resting metabolic rate . There are factors that affect the speed which are the following.
        • Muscle to fat proportion. Muscle requires more energy than fatty tissue. If muscle is higher to fat then you will have a higher metabolic rate
        • Gender - If you are a man then you are generally bigger in size and you have a higher muscle proportion
        • You size - If you are bigger in size then you usually require more energy because you have more cells
        • Inherited (Genetic) Factors
        • Exercise is important because it builds muscle which boots metabolic rate
    • Exercise
      • Exercise is important because decrease them amount of energy stored as fat
      • It is also important because those who exercise are healthier than those who don't
      • And you are less likely to develop health issues such as obesity.
      • If you exercise it builds muscle which boosts metabolic rate
        • If you are fit it doesn't mean that you are healthy you may be physically slim but malnourished because your diet isn't balanced
    • Malnutrition
      • When you are malnourished you are said to have a diet which is out of balance
        • Malnourished people can be either fat or thin
        • Obesity is a common disorder common in developed countries
        • Excess carbohydrates and fat can lead to obesity
        • Obesity
          • It is defined as being 20% or more over recommended body mass
          • The negative health effects surrounding obesity includes
            • Arthritis ( inflammation of joint)
            • Type 2 diabetes (inability to control blood sugar levels)
            • Heart Disease
            • Cancer
            • High blood pressure
        • Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure
          • Some people may inherit an under active thyroid gland which increase risk of obesity and decreases metabolic rate
        • Too much saturated fat can lead to an increase in blood cholesterol levels
          • Cholesterol is a fatty substance requires in nearly all cells. But some inherited factors may increase it's levels
    • Slimming Claims
      • Four things to look out for when evaluating slimming claims
        • Is it a qualified writer published in a reputable jornal
        • Is it a scientific study with no connection to manufacturer
        • Do similar studies provide the same results
        • Was the sample of people tested/asked large enough to provide reliable results


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