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  • healthy diet
    • minerals
      • minerals are responsible for the following things in our body
        • building strong bones and teeth
        • controlling body fluids inside and out cells
        • turning the food you eat into energy
    • vitamins
      • vitamins provide the body with nutrients to help our body function
        • if our body does not get vitamins then we can suffer from diefincies
          • lack of vitamin C  leads to scurvey
          • lack of vitamin D leads to rickets
          • lack of vitamin B can lead to anemia
    • fats
      • there are two types of fat
        • saturated= found in both animal and vegetable products meat, milk and eggs are high in saturated fats
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    • carbohydrates
      • carbohydrates provide the body with energy
      • most carbohydrates come from biscuits,   chocolate, pasta, bread etc.
        • at least 30% of our diet should be made up from carbohydrates
    • protein
      • protein provides the body with 10-15% of it dietary energy and is needed for growth
        • there are two types of protein
    • fibre
      • we need fibre to help our body move food through the bowel
        • there are certain foods which are high in fibre these are
          • bran, cereals fruit, rice, vegetables(peas,beans, greens) wholemeal bread
          • without fibre in our diet we can suffer from poor digestion which leads to constapation
    • water
      • water is essential for body growth and body maitanance
        • it helps get rid of waste and regulate tempreture


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