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  • Healthy Active Lifestyle
    • Good Exercise Habits
      • if there is a short distance to go which is walkable, walk it instead of driving, this will save fuel and help improve your fitness. you could also ride your bike if the distance is too long.
      • Always take the stairs if there is an option of stairs instead of lifts or escalators.
      • if you are catching a bus, you could get off at the stop before your stop and walk to the stop where you were going to get off and walk the rest of the journey. Make sure you leave yourself enough time.
    • Benifits To Be Gained
      • your body shape will improve - keep weight down.
      • Relieve of stress that has built up from work or other.
      • You will sleep better.
      • Your chances of getting ill or a disease will reduce.
      • your posture will improve due to muscle toning.
      • Help improve the four 's' 1.strength 2.stanima 3.suppleness 4.speed
    • Guidelines and Effects
      • What is your job? if your jobs is outside or heavy lifting it will be more physically demanding that if you are sitting at a desk all day.
      • Short term effects
        • Increased heart and breathing rate.
        • Increased body temperature.
        • Your skin goes red or blotchy.
        • Feeling tired after exercise.
        • the feeling of heaviness in muscles after use.
  • if your life style is sedentary try to include some form of exercise in to your day, e.g- go on a fast walk, go to a park run or walk/cycle home from work.


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