Health-related fitness tests

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  • Health-related fitness testing
    • PAR-Q
      • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
    • Cardiovascular Fitness - Cooper's 12 minute run test
      • Jog to warm-up.
      • When a whistle sounds, run round a track as many times as you can in 12 minutes.
      • The distance you run is recorded. The further you can run, the fitter you are.
    • Strength - Hand Grip test
      • A dynamometer is a device used to measure power. This kind of dynamometer measures hand and forearm strength.
    • Flexibility - Sit and Reach Test
      • This measures your flexibility in the back and lower hamstrings.
      • Sit on the floor with your legs pointing straight out in front of you.
      • Push a ruler, placed on a box, as far forwards as you can with your fingers - keeping your legs straight all the time.
    • Cardiovascular Fitness - Harvard Step Test
      • Using a 45cm step, do 30 step-ups a minute for 5 minutes.
      • Rest for 1 minute, then take your pulse for 15 seconds then multiply this by 4 to get your heart rate.
      • Then use the formula (length of exercise in seconds x 100/ 5.5 x pulse count) to work out your score. The higher your score, the fitter you are.


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