Health Belief Model

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  • Health Belief Model
    • Perceived threat
      • Perceived seriousness. Individuals who view the unhealthy behaviour/illness to be serious are more likely to take on a healthy lifestyle as opposed to those who view the illness/unhealthy behaviour to be less serious.
      • Perceived susceptibility. Individuals who believe that they are more likely to become ill or be unhealthy then they are more likely to choose to live a healthy lifestyle as opposed to those individuals who don't believe they're susceptible to illness.
    • Benefits outweighing the costs. For example, if going to the doctors would mean (a) running late for work which will lead to getting sacked, (b) wasting time just for minor medication (c) losing out on a day's wages, then it is most likely that the individual will avoid going to the doctors as the cost would outweigh the benefit.
    • Demographics              : Examples include AGE; GENDER; OCCUPATION; EDUCATION; CULTURE etc...


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