COSHH 1994/2002

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  • COSHH 1994/2002
    • The control of substances hazardous to health
    • Requires employers to control the exposure to hazardous substances at work
    • Care settings must have a COSHH file
      • Name each hazardous substance
      • state where its kept
      • state how its labelled
      • Descirbe the effects
      • State the amount of time its safe for
      • How it should be dealt with
    • Substances that are hazardous:
      • fumes
      • vapours
    • The update was to help PREVENT harm to employees
    • Employers duties:
      • Asses risks
      • Decide on precautions
      • prevent and control exposure
      • monitor exposure
      • carry out health surveillance
      • prepare procedures
      • make sure everyone is trained


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