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  • General Health
    • Healthy active lifestyle
      • Good Exercise Habits
        • walk short distance instead of driving
        • walk part of your journey
        • use a bike as your chosen form of transport
        • use some of the stairs if they are available
        • If your involved in office work try to do some exercise in the day
      • Benefits to be gained
        • relieving stress and tension
        • Helping you sleep better
        • Reduce the chances of getting ill
        • Toning up your body and improving posture
        • Improve basic levels of strength, stamina and flexibility
      • Guidelines and Effects
        • Physical condition
          • If you are already healthy and active you need to maintain this if not you need to improve them
        • Long-term aims
          • lifestyle choice-need to increase activity levels slowly over a period of time
        • Short term effects from exercise
          • increase heart and breathing rate
          • increase body temperature
          • reddening of skin
          • tiredness of heaviness in muscles being used
    • A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
    • The use and misuse of substances
      • Smoking
        • Long term-lung cacer, heart disease
        • Short term-shotness of breath
      • Alcohol
        • Long tern-liver damage
        • Short term-drunkenness
      • Drugs
        • Illegal-Heroin
        • Perscription
        • Performance-enhancing, anabolic steroids
      • Sex education deals with physical, emotional and social aspects
      • Health related exercise and its importance
      • Nutrition is the link between health diet
      • Personal hygiene
        • Washing regularly
        • Cleanliness - keeping clothes clean
      • psychological aspects


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